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Administration (part-time)

Cycling Safe’s Bike Ed Instructor Training course is based on the Bike Ed (Bicycle Education) resource developed by VicRoads for use in Victorian primary and secondary schools.

Completion of the full course results in accreditation for planning and conducting Bike Ed programs, which lasts for five years and can be renewed by completing a re-accreditation course prior to the accreditation expiry date. Accreditation for those providing assistance to full instructors in Bike Ed programs can also be obtained by completing a separate assistants’ course.

Victorian Department of Education and Training policy states that: ‘When conducting practical elements of a bicycle education program, at least one staff member must be qualified in Bicycle Education, or equivalent documented experience.’

Bike Ed Instructor Training participants include teachers, education support staff, parents, community volunteers and police officers.

Topics covered in the full Bike Ed Instructor Training course include: program planning, delivery and assessment; cycling equipment checks; individual and group riding skills; road rules; and, riding on both paths and roads.

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