Other Services by Wilcare Services
Wilcare Services  is ready to deliver a range of training programs to suit a variety of clients. These programs were developed and are delivered by our staff who have over 30 years experience in the field of bicycle programs.

An Intro to The Gentle Art of Cycling
A series of workshops for males and females to learn the basics of safe and efficient cycling, including advice on choosing a bike, adjusting for comfort, basic skills, what to wear and where to ride.

Bicycle Patrols
Since the early 1990’s bicycle patrols have become a very popular operational tool for police, first aid, security and other services. This training progresses from basic bike use to advanced techniques for situations likely to be encountered by personnel patrolling by bike.

Commuter Cycling
A course aimed at assisting commuter cyclists to be more safe, more comfortable and more efficient. Topics include bike selection, effective cycling, traffic techniques, clothing, hazard recognition and night cycling.

Cycology for Women
Re introducing women to the fun and benefits of easy practical cycling. A series of sessions designed to give women the knowledge and confidence to cycle at their own level of comfort.

Workplace Cycling
Many employers are providing bikes for staff either as transport over short and middle distance trips or perhaps as patrol vehicles for security or law enforcement duties. This training includes aspects of the commuter cycling course but also addresses specific workplace and Occupational Health and Safety issues