The School Programs
Bike Ed is a primary school safe cycling resource produced by Vic Roads, recommended for use with students in Years 4,5 and 6.

For secondary schools there is an extension module to Bike Ed training. It is suitable for programs involving students in Years 7 to 12.

Training for Instructors
(Course Cost: $330pp including GST)

Two day courses and refresher courses are available for instructors. After successful completion of either course participants will be provided with a Bike Ed Instructor notice of completion, required to conduct outside of school grounds cycling programmes.
(See Dates & Venues)

Training for Assistants
(Course Cost: $165.00pp including GST)
Relevant training is offered over the two mornings of the scheduled instructor courses for parents or other persons interested in assisting schools with Bike Ed. (See Dates & Venues)

Refresher Training for Instructors
(Course Cost: $121.00pp including GST)

The Bike Ed certificate is valid for five years as stipulated by the DET. Half day courses are available to update previously accredited instructors.  For further details see Dates and Venues.

For more information about the Bike Ed resource refer to the VicRoads web site.

For more information on Traffic Safety Education programs in schools refer to the DET website.