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Steve Taylor - Instructor
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Administration (part-time)

'I learned a lot from Steve - I thought I was a pretty competent rider, however I never knew the level of control that is possible. It was great to walk away with new skills to teach the students, as well as a greater understanding of the importance of how and why we teach the content that we do in the Bike Ed course.' - Yarni

'Steve presented professionally, was informative and easy to listen to. His knowledge of Bike Ed was excellent and he taught us a lot of useful theory and practical information about Bike Ed. Thank you Steve.' - Paul

'I found this [Bike Ed Instructor] training very informative and enjoyed the shared discussion encouraged. I feel significantly more confident teaching Bike Ed as an instructor at my school and am excited to begin... The instructor was very warm and personable, and I would recommend this professional learning to others looking to integrate a safety-informed Bike Ed program in their school.' - Sharon

'I found Steve extremely knowledgeable and his dissemination of information entertaining, thought-provoking and highly informative. Had there been another day or more he could easily have filled the time with much more information.  He seemed very ready and passionate to share whatever knowledge he had that would be of use to us. Come prepared with many questions. It was time well spent. Thanks Steve for a great learning experience.' - Chris

'As someone that has a strong biking background I wasn't sure if this [Bike Ed Instructor Training] course would be helpful, but I was wrong. I learnt so many tips and tricks that will definitely help my students ride better and safer.' - Rasha

'If you take students out on roads on bikes and you have not done this [Bike Ed Instructor Training] course.... you are crazy! The instructor is a wealth of knowledge, enthusiastic and willing to share.' - Ann-Marie

'The Bike Ed Instructor Training course assists with confidence in teaching Bike Education concepts, from hands-on riding and basic bike maintenance through to theory and understanding riding in many road situations.' - Samantha

'The coverage of both practical and theoretical aspects of bike riding were both broad and in-depth.' - Ashley

'The Bike Ed Instructor Training course was very informative and an enjoyable way of learning how to teach others bike-riding skills.' - Anne

'Steve was really good at his job - full of knowledge and very informative.' - Ruth

'Amazing [Bike Ed Instructor Training] course, helpful instructor and - above all - highly informative.' - Anirudhan

'Thanks Steve for a fantastic couple of days. I have learnt many new skills and I am looking forward to passing my new-found knowledge onto my students!' - Matthew

'We had such an awesome, informative and enjoyable two days with Steve. Felt like I came out with so much new knowledge that I can not only use while at school but also at home. Would highly recommend - especially to those hoping to take Bike Education in schools.' - Mackenzie

‘Really learn a lot, Steve. You are a great communicator, easy to listen to and you make it interesting. I will be riding a lot more now. Thanks heaps.’ - Sue

'Steve gave my eight-and-a-half-year-old son Mason an hour lesson this morning. We had tried for years to get Mason riding a bike with no luck! In only 60 minutes Steve had Mason balancing, starting, stopping and pedalling for extended periods solo - massive achievement! Looking forward to consolidating Mason’s skills over the coming weeks in time for school camp which features bike riding! Steve made it fun and stress-free - fantastic with kids! Many thanks!' - Tammy

'I couldn't recommend Steve more highly. My anxiety prone eight-year-old daughter was quite negative about learning to ride after a few failed attempts from her old man (me) to get her riding. Someone suggested Steve. You could tell straight away this guy knew exactly what he was doing. Very professional, fantastic as a teacher, clearly knew how to handle kids and get them riding through a few simple age-appropriate methods - and he's a helluva likeable fella. My daughter is loving riding. Couldn't be happier.' - Paul

'Hi Steve! Thanks for my bike lesson on Friday. I think I love riding now.' - Sophie